Rimsky Romeo of Cotons on the Cumberland

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Rimsky is our very handsome fully cottony coated tricolor Coton de Tulear. He came to us from our incredible mentor, Kelli Paris of Cotons on the Cumberland. Named for “Flight of the Bumblebee” composer Rimsky-Korsokov, he has added such fun to our family. He has lots of fluffy hair like his sire, Zephyr. His dam, Bella is a permanent tricolor and has retained much of her color in adulthood. He seems to be keeping some of his color too. Calm and laid back in temperament and always ready to share a bit of cheer whenever we go out. Playing tag with Minuet is a favorite past time. He embodies the beauty of the breed in every aspect. His eyes are just full of loving devotion. He loves to be with us and isn’t bothered in the least by the constant activity that fills our household. His favorite place is close by you, often at your feet. He loves making new friends.
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