Minuet for Daisy of Great Lakes Cotons

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“Minuet” aka "Mini" or Minuet for Daisy is our sweet lover of the family. She is a musical melody with her sunny dancing personality. A black and white, with a sweet disposition and a bit of spunk to keep us entertained, we enjoy her immensely. She and Rimsky love to romp in a game of tag around the yard or around the house. Cotons usually do well with other dogs and cats, and small pets such as birds (we have some) as well. She and Rimsky both love making friends with new people, which is characteristic of the breed. She loves to cuddle into your arms and relax, always gives kisses when we need it, and seems to have a pension for giving her human daddy a licky shampoo job while relaxing. She is a true lap dog and rules the household, making sure both canine and human members of the family are happy. She is a wonderful mother to her pups!
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